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PinkPulley™ Cancer Care Shoulder Pulley


  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – Heavy duty, professional grade, shoulder pulley. This affordable, simple and effective shoulder pulley is used in many physical therapy clinics.
  • CUSTOM PULLEY – The PinkPulley system contains a custom-designed pulley with a zinc-coated metal housing that won’t melt or deform over time and a smooth self-lubricating nylon roller. Great for recovery and rehabilitation after surgery or injuries and for improving pain free mobility. Helps enhance the range of motion for patients suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injury, bursitis and other impingement issues.
  • METAL BRACKET – Included metal bracket attachment makes it easy to attach the pulley system to the top of the door. Fits most 2 inch doors and is designed not cause damage to door finish.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – Wooden dowel handles allow easy adjustability of the 77-inch cord length to promote comfortable and hassle-free use. Easy to store when not in use.
  • BREAST CANCER PATIENT GUIDE – This complete patient guide teaches patients about their Breast Cancer Recovery steps and provides exercise examples for the shoulder pulley.

The RangeMaster® PinkPulley is a high quality, low cost shoulder pulley.


  • Easily adjustable line length

  • Custom-made, self lubricating nylon-roller pulley that won’t squeak

  • Breast Cancer Patient instructional guide.

  • Wooden handles

  • Metal door bracket

Weight 0.25 lbs