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Company Overview

For 28 years, Therapeutic Dimensions, Inc. has been developing and distributing some of the leading home exercise products for shoulder patients worldwide. Our national leading brand is RangeMaster® Shoulder Therapy. We specialize in shoulders and offer a variety of durable, high quality, smooth pulleys on Government Contract. Our goal is to provide veterans with quality, low cost shoulder products that may help eliminate the need for surgery in some cases, which reduces medical costs for the VA.

Each year we help over 220,000 people progress along the road to recovery, restoring strength and range of motion for a variety of shoulder problems:

  • Torn Rotator Cuff
  • Stroke
  • Breast Cancer
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Chronic Shoulder Pain
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Shoulder Dislocation

RangeMaster® Shoulder Therapy partners with patients and their medical advisors to maximize recovery, offering tools that are safe and effective, including easy-to-understand exercise guides.

Product Highlights

  • The BlueRanger™ Economy over-door shoulder pulley allows adjustable line length on eye-catching blue rope. Two molded plastic handles and a smooth nylon roller pulley.
  • The RangeMaster® Overhead Shoulder Pulley Includes a comprehensive flip-chart exercise guide, choice of wooden or molded rubber handles, an easily adjustable line length, a custom-made, self-lubricating nylon-roller pulley that won't squeak, and the choice of a portable door bracket or a patented, non-slip webbing door strap.
  • Our Pull Easy (Pul-EZ™) shoulder pulley system is for patients with limited grasping ability. A grip-free hold and foam wrist support gently begins the process of restoring range-of-motion. Ideal for anyone in the initial stages of shoulder rehabilitation, including stroke survivors, mastectomy patients, recovering from rotator cuff surgery, and frozen shoulder.
  • RangeMaster Stretch Strap, Multi-loop strap with exercise guide for physical therapy, yoga, and flexibility. Stretching Aid for Triceps, Arms, Shoulders, Outer Thigh and Hips, Hamstrings, Quad, Calf, Low Back. Firm non-stretch webbing on one side and elastic stretchable loops on the other. Six feet of durable nylon webbing is complemented with tough elastic loops stitched in that provide anchoring position for feet and/or hands. The one-inch-wide strap comes with several exercise routines in a user guide.
  • Thera-Loop Non-slip Door Anchor is for tubing or banding exercises.

Past Performance

Medical Professional Clients:

  • Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center Physical Therapy, Spokane WA
  • Perry Point VA Medical Center, Physical Therapy, Perry Point MD
  • Orlando VA Medical Center, Physical and Occupational Therapy Orlando FL
  • Eastern Colorado Veterans Healthcare System, Physical Therapy, Denver CO
  • Robins Air Force Base, 78th Medical Group Physical Therapy Clinic, Robins AFB GA

What professionals say about RangeMaster® 

I find shoulder pulley systems to be an extremely important piece of equipment for my patients with shoulder injuries. It is easily accessible to patients for home use and economically appropriate for all people of various income ranges.

Jennifer C.



Every week I find myself explaining to patients how both research and experience have proven that simple pulleys bring back shoulder range of motion quickly and less painful than any other exercises, each week after just one or two sessions the once skeptical patients agree. More importantly they are pleased.

Dan B.



Great rehab tool!! This is a great product!! I am a home care physical therapist and can easily assemble this exercise tool at any home. I have had good results with all my patients with increases in shoulder range of motion.

Mary D.