March 16, 2021

The 30 Day Posture Challenge

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Working from home plus all the changes going on this past year has added to shoulder, neck, and back pain. We have had so many customers reach out to us talking about their pain. We talk to them about the importance of posture, how it effects the body, the benefits, etc. Now it's time to take some action! RangeMaster has created a 30-Day Posture Challenge to help resolve the pain so many are complaining about. Grab your clients, employees, coworkers, friends, anyone who's up for the Challenge! We're getting our alignment in check! 

Sign-ups are open, click here to join! This challenge is completely free and upon completion there will be a special gift given to help assist you with your posture journey. The challenge will start Monday, March 22nd

We have constructed a 30-Day Posture Challenge filled with daily exercises, good posture tips, and tools participants can use to help them achieve great posture. We organized the challenge so that each day participants will get a new exercise or combine previous exercises to help their range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. These components help our bodies perform in an optimal way. The goal of our challenge is to help our participants' bodies gain range of motion and flexibility which in turn helps their bodies stay in perfect alignment while moving throughout the day.

The challenge starts off with teaching participants what good posture looks like as they stand and sit and how they can check their posture. They will then be lead through a series of 12 exercises throughout the course of the challenge. We have designed the challenge so there is minimal equipment and it only takes 5-10 minutes each day.

Follow us on social so you can get daily reminders of the challenge, plus see our team working hard on the challenge! 

Looking forward to getting aligned with you and your team! 

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